September 18, 2021

How To Monetize An Accounting Firm

Accountant, have you ever thought about monetizing your accounting firm with products that go beyond the recurring service you provide to your client? Have you ever wondered if there is a possibility that your company is delivering these services for free? Do you know what these accounting products are and how to sell them? It’s these questions and many more that we’ll talk about in this article.

 ‍Currently, a lot is said about Digital and Consultative Accounting and how the accountant of this new era can deliver more value to its client. But it is necessary to make clear what are the requirements for an accountant to become a consultant, what are the challenges that consultative accounting brings and how the accountant must overcome them to be able to monetize their business through the sale of differentiated accounting products and services.

‍First of all, it is very important that you understand that only digital accounting can allow the accounting professional to offer the recurring consulting service, to become a consultant accountant and his office to an accounting firm that sells other types of services.

The New Demands Of The Consultant Accountant

The fact is that when the accounting professional becomes a consultant accountant, he also creates a new type of demand, that of consultability. Customers, in need of valuable assistance, now enjoy an absolutely necessary professional profile, which was not offered before.

And that’s where we identify a challenge: if the consultant accountant does not impose limits as a consulting professional, he will continue to have an exhausting daily demand and, due to lack of time, he will not be able to offer and dedicate himself to differentiated products that monetize his business more.

In addition, as a solution delivery, the consultant accountant needs to be more and more distant from recurring compliance, but increasingly closer to the law. There is no way for a consultant accountant to solve a problem using a legal path if he does not have a good understanding of legislation. In other words, time is still a big challenge, yes!

‍Having understood this limit and the possibility that it brings, let’s talk now about monetizing products, their particularities, what sales methodology the accounting firm can use to offer them to customers and what added values ​​impact this new relationship.

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